Aristolochia nardiana     I.M.Turner

trivial name





temperature range


water requirements


soil pH



Elongated Birthwort

approx. 30-50 cm

perennial, tuberous, suberect herb

various bronze colours with a dark throat

light shade to full sun

20-40 °C in summer, hardy to -10 °C with isolation

> 40 %

only to be watered during the growth period, avoid constant humidity!

slightly alkaline

seeds (stratification period up to 2 years), root cuttings (?)

3 (1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)

This very attractive small species from southern Greece is hard to distinguish from A. pallida and A. lutea by its flowers and general appearance.

In fact, many specimens show intermediate features between pallida and lutea so hybridization might play a role in this taxon, too.

The tuberous underground stem represents the only reliable characteristic which is very elongated in this species in contrast to globose or ovoid tubers of A. pallida and lutea.


Although susceptible to moisture and constant substrate humidity this species has proved to be quite frost tolerant if kept completely dry and isolated properly.