Aristolochia navicularis     E.Nardi

trivial name





temperature range


water requirements


soil pH



Navicular Birthwort

approx. 30-50 cm

perennial, tuberous, procumbent

yellow to greenish, sometimes with a brown tip

full sun

20-45 °C in summer, hardy to -15 °C with isolation

> 30 %

only to be watered during the growth period, avoid constant humidity!


seeds (stratification period up to 2 years)

3 (1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)

An outstanding species inhabiting coastal (?) regions in Sardinia, Tunisia and the Egadian Islands. After many years a huge, irregularly shaped underground stem develops which can grow as big as two fists! 


Although adapted to very dry habitats it is unusually easy in cultivation, even forgiving a few cultivation mistakes or too much water for a short time.

However, it is better kept only slightly humid in active growth and completely dry during winter. 

If the tubers are located deep enough (> 30 cm) in a well-drained substrate it will be completely hardy in most European climates.