Aristolochia paucinervis   Pomel

trivial name





temperature range


water requirements


soil pH




approx. 30-50 cm

perennial, tuberous, procumbent

yellow to greenish with brown ornamentations

full sun

20-45 °C in summer, hardy to -8 °C with isolation

> 30 %

only to be watered during the growth period, avoid constant humidity!


seeds (stratification period up to 2 years)

2 (1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)

A beautiful, common and self-pollinating dwarf species, the only obstacle that currently prevents A. paucinervis from being cultivated in every garden is the annoying germination of seeds. 


As it accounts to almost every European Aristolochia ants are attracted by the scent released from the fleshy elaiosome attached to the seeds, eventually carrying the seed to the anthill to feed their offspring.

Most probably some mutual interaction is involved with this specific dispersal since seeds take 2 years to counteract germination inhibitors without any treatment in cultivation.

One could suppose formic acid plays a major role to break the dormancy of the seed but there haven't been detailed investigations to prove that yet...