Aristolochia sempervirens   L.

trivial name





temperature range


water requirements


soil pH



Evergreen Pipevine

up to 5 m

perennial, rhizomatose, twining

purplish with yellow ornamentations/blotches

full sun

20-40 °C in summer, hardy to -12 °C with isolation

> 40 %

established plants will need to be watered frequently but need a good drainage!

neutral to alkaline

seeds (stratification period up to 1 year), stolons

(1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)


Together with A. baetica this attractive and variable species forms the so-called sempervirens-complex comprising all twining species in Europe and Near East.


Scarcely seen in cultivation yet A. sempervirens is an outstanding and adaptable species very easy to cultiate.

The plant grows quite compactly and does not need much space.


Compared to its Iberian cousin A.baetica, sempervirens is more cold-resistant and will be completely hardy in most European climates if provided a dry and properly isolated sunny spot.