Aristolochia gigantea   Mart.

trivial name





temperature range


water requirements


soil pH



Giant Dutchman's Pipe

10+ m 

twining liana

purplish patterns on white ground, yellow throat

light shade

20-45 °C in summer, 5-12 °C in winter 

> 50 %

constant humidity and much water especially during hot days

slightly acidic

seeds, cuttings

1 (1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)

Although one of the more widespread species in culture most plants cultivated and sold under the name of Aristolochia gigantea in fact are hybrids of A. gigantea x elegans.


Aristolochia gigantea s.str. is a truly outstanding species with massive flowers reaching up to 50 x 25 cm, more than double the size of the hybrid specimens. Another quite distinguishing feature is its scent: It smells not disgusting as most other species do but rather like cleansing agent with a breeze of citrus. 


Mature plants require much space and are capable of covering a complete patio within a few weeks. Luckily this rewarding climber can be cut back easily and will be very happy if supplied with lots of fertilizer and water simply.