Aristolochia sp. 'Terra Nova do Norte' F2

trivial name






temperature range


water requirements

soil pH




3+ m 

rhizomatose, twining liana

pale green with reddish blotches, tentaculous limb with purplish-black patterns on whitish ground

sunny conditions

20-45 °C in summer, 5-12 °C in winter 

> 40 %

drought-resistant, water carefully!


(root) cuttings

(1 = very easy, 5 = extremely difficult)

This particular specimen once made its way into cultivation under the name of Aristolochia sp. 'Terra Nova do Norte' and was assigned to be Aristolochia chiquitensis.


As seeds in cultivation were produced anew (F1 - generation) and new saplings got spread around these already displayed quite a variety of disctinctive floral features.

I obtained a sapling of a specimen from the F2 generation (seeds from F1) which matured and flowered in 2016 the first time.


At that point the flower just looked so completely different to the original plant that entered as Aristolochia sp. 'Terra Nova do Norte' I heavily assume this and all other specimens are backcrosses according to the Mendelian Laws of Inheritance.


Thus, the original specimen of Aristolochia sp. 'Terra Nova do Norte' might be a natural hybrid.

One could assume Aristolochia chiquitensis s.str. and A. arcuata are the main parental participants but this may never be traced back without a molecular approach.