sect. Hexodon

This section mainly consists of Japanese climbing and procumbent species. However, it is yet unclear to me how to distinguish these from 'normal' sect. Siphisia species which even display are broader diversity.


Floral characteristics are crossing over with the mainland species due to the connection via Taiwan and Korea. Several investigations revealed a heavy lot of hybridization was involved in their evolutionary history as well as in current populations.


One significant characteristic is their ability to produce stolon-like offsets which, by instance, may form roots and continue to grow as a new plant.

Once more, this is not a feature completely distinguishable from sect. Siphisia since a few species of this section are also capable of doing so.

So as long as there's no detailed cicumscription of this group of species I'll just leave them separated here as they are.

To provide an easy overview the species names' below are assigned to their respective species' complex and linked with the subpages of the scroll-down menu on the right.

sect. Hexodon